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Only 19 nautical miles away from Piraeus, Agkistri is an easily accessible Argosaronic Gulf paradise. Azure waters, pine trees and lush vegetation (where many bird species find refuge) are the main characteristics of this tiny, yet charming, island of less than 1,000 inhabitants! There are three large settlements on the island: Megalohóri (or Mýlos), Skála and Limenária. Apart from the little church of Ayioi Theódoroi, other sights on the island include Metopis and an 1812 windmill at Megalochóri.

Skala and Megalohori (Mylos) are the two biggest villages. Most of tourists stay there to enjoy the bars, restaurants, and the accommodation facilities.

The island provides a multitude of activities to do: water sports at Skala and Aponisos, horse riding at Megalohori, cycling. Don’t miss the opportunity to follow beautiful walking routes through the island’s dense pine forest.


The first beach that the tourist approaches is usually the sandy sparkling beach at Skála. Although it is a harbour, the water is crystal clear. One can find many sun beds, umbrellas, cafeterias and restaurants. A lot of people also swim at the beaches that are between Skala and Megalohori

From Skala visitors can walk to the nearby beaches of Skliri and Chalikiáda. Skliri is a small beach, about 5’-10’ walk from Skala. To approach Chalikiada the visitor has to walk 10 more minutes following a path in the freshness of pine trees. At the end, one has to climb down the hill. The white-pebbled beach is a bit isolated and it is popular with nudists.

On the other side of the island, about 10’ by bus away from Skala, there is the beach of Dragonéra. It is a really nice bay, covered with pine trees. There is also a canteen on the beach. On the ground leading from the main road to the beach, take notice of stones on which there are written messages for world peace, love etc.

Next stop is Limenaria village and its rocky beach, suited for diving.

At the end of the road there is the small, rocky private island of Aponisos. The scenery is really beautiful: trees all over the place and a lagoon with astonishing turquoise colours! On the other side of Aponisos there is also another beach. Some facilities, such as sun beds, vendour machines and lockers, are available too. To satisfy your appetite with delicious fish and sea food, visit the taverna nearby.

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The island of Agistri is small but has many options for a relaxing night out. As it is located close to Athens, it attracts many young people who come for a weekend break. There are many nice bars in Skala and also a large cafe-bar called Kastro above the port of Megalochori. These bars usually stay open till 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and play nice music. For a more peaceful night out, you can enjoy a long dinner in the many taverns of the island.

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