How will I find the marina?
Send us your flight details or how you are going to come to the city and we will send you all the required information of
all the ways to approach the marina.

How will I get to my yacht?
After booking, you will receive an email with details about how you will meet us at the marina.

How do I know what yacht is the best for me?
You can contact us by mail or phone so that we can find the best formula.

Do I need a sailing licence?
Of course not. In order to charter a bareboat yacht in Greek waters, two crew members are required to have sailing
experience and ability whereas at least one of them has to have a sailing certificate officially authorized by his home country.
If the requirements are not met you can choose chartering the yacht skippered. Relax and enjoy your vacations with a yacht
without worrying about anything else. If you like to learn about sailing, your skipper will be delighted to teach you the sailing

Where can I find further information about the captain of my yacht?
We will send you your skipper’s qualifications, after booking. In case you are not satisfied, we will gladly recommend another one..

Apart from the captain, can I hire any other kind of crew?
You can hire a cook or a hostess.
• The cook is a professional chef, responsible for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• The hostess is responsible for cleaning the yacht and serving the meals. The hostess also may help the skipper moor the yacht in the marinas.

Coupons and discount.
Check regularly our site or Facebook page for offers and coupons. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to get the offers.
Repeat clients 5%
2week charters 5%
3week charters 10%
4week charters 15%
early bookings 10% (before 31 January)
(maximun discount 15%)

How and when can I pay and what is included in the price?
The down payment (50% of the total charter fee) ismade through a bank transfer payment to our account upon signing the contract. The balance (50% of the charter fee) is paid 30 days prior to embarkation.
Charter fee does not include fuel consumption, water consumption, provisions, crew provisions, transportation from/to the yacht,
port fees of the itinerary. It does not include what stated as “extra costs”, as for example one-way fees, skipper’s or hostess/cook’s fee,
spinnaker/blister rental etc.
Linen, towels, cooking gas, full water tanks are included to charter fee.

What happens if I have to cancel my sailing holidays last minute?
When cancellation is announced 1 to 30 days prior to departure, 100% of the total charter fee is due.
When cancellation is announced 30 to 90 days prior to departure, 50% of the total charter fee is due.
When cancellation is announced 91 days prior to departure, 30% of the total charter fee is due.

The deposit concerns all yachts?
Yes, but only when you sail bareboat. If you hire a skipper you will not have to pay for deposit.

The skipper’s food and meal is included in the price?
Crew food is not included. You should prepare 1 extra meal for each (skipper, hostess) or pay 20€/day/person.

Are there any check-in policies?
All charters begin at 17:00 on the day of departure (normally Saturdays) and end at 18:00 on the day of arrival (normally Fridays)
with an overnight until Saturday morning at 8:00. SAiLTY ensures that yachts are always delivered to the next charter in perfect
working order. If we can deliver your charter yacht earlier on the day of embarkation, without compromising our standards,
we will, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Will we have to help the captain in moorings and what are our responsibilities?
Depends on the boat. You may only have to help dropping the anchor. The rest is our skippers job.

Do you offer Wi-Fi connection?
During the booking, you can select the mention Internet which is charged extra.

Do the yachts have air condition?
Read the description for each boat you are interested in.

Do the yachts have their own sheets and towels?
All the yachts are provided with sheets and towels.

How and when I charge my phone?
All yachts are equipped with 12V power outlet. So, you only need a car type charger. Some boats come also with a 220 inverter
(check boat facilities). 220v power is also available in Marinas with power pillars.

Is there any limitation of my luggage?
There is no limitation. Check the link for more details.

Can I bring my children with me?
Ofcourse. A sailing vacation is offered for everyone. As long as you are informed about safety on board for children, you can enjoy your
family vacations. There is extra safety net for children on every yacht. You just check it during your inquiry.

How do we react on bad weather?
If you are bareboat reef your sails and search for shelter (port, marina, bay etc.). Do not let your crew leave the cockpit and avoid
sailing at night. If you sail with a skipper, he or she will decide the best for the crew’s safety.

It is my first time and I do not know if I get seasick.
Not everybody gets sick but some people are more sensitive. If you are one of them, first of all, do not panic. It is not going to last forever and ruin your wonderful holidays, only when there is swell. If so, take a specific chewing gum to avoid sickness as long as you do not feel good. You can find them at the pharmacy. It takes 10 minutes to react. One important rule: Do not go inside the boat! Try to avoid eating liquids and prefer dry food such as biscuits. And one last tip: look ahead, as far as you can.

Wherefrom can I get daily informed about the weather?
Here are some useful local forecast sites in Greece. PoseidonMeteo

Can I wash my clothes on board?
If you rent a sailing yacht you can wash them in the laundry at the port (not in all the ports). If you rent a catamaran, there may be a
washing machine. Check yacht’s facilities.