Fouled Anchor

A fouled anchor on another boats anchor or chain is a common mishap in busy or small ports where no fixed moorings are available. If that’s the case, confusion takes over in the port, and if you’re to blame all eyes will be on you. Let’s see the available options:

The problem lies on the fact that by hoisting your anchor you are also pulling the chain of another boat. Your anchor, due to its shape, cannot untangle no matter how many times you hoist or lower your anchor.

Here is the solution: the first thing you need to do is ask the other boats captain to lower their anchor so that you can hoist yours more easily. Then you need to hoist your anchor as much as possible, ideally get your anchor out of the sea. Now you need to tie a strong rope around the other boats chain and secure both sides of it on the bows horn cleat.

By lowering your anchor a bit, the other boats chain will untangle. Hoist your free anchor now, untie the rope and you are done!!! Finally notify the other captain that his anchor is free so that he can hoist it a bit and the fouled anchor problem is solved!!!

Tip 1: If you cannot reach the other boats chain, make a bowline knot on the ropes one end, lower the rope till it reaches the fouled chain and pull the bowline with a boat hook.

Tip 2: A rope tied on our anchors head with a bowline knot on the other side. Hoist your anchor as much as possible, catch the bowline knot with a boat hook and tie it on a horn cleat. Lower your anchor, which will turn upside down and untangle from the other boats chain.